• „Evaluation of Track-related Vibration Mitigation Measures in Buenos Aires, Argentina“, ICONHIC 2019, Pistone E., Toell H., Vonbun S., 2019
  • „Elastic Elements in Track Influencing Total Track Costs and Reducing Vibrations“, PWI Technical Seminar Manchester, Veit. P, Vonbun S., 2018
  • „Investigation of baseplate pad life on the London Underground Jubilee Line Extension“, European Railway Review, Bray J., Mayer L., Vonbun S., 2017



  • „Concepts for 3D-visualisation in a web-based product configurator based on CAD-data“ (Master’s thesis)


second cooperation with Julius Blum GmbH as an industrial partner • Höchst/Austria • published 2013 • received highest possible grade: „Sehr Gut“ (Austrian grading system) equals „A“ •  the full thesis underlies a non-disclosure agreement with Julius Blum GmbH for 5 years from initial publication

Download abstract: pdficon_small MSc_thesis_abstract (German/English)

  • „CAD – methodic study and comparison of different modeling approaches in design“ (Bachelor’s thesis)


conducted co-operatively with Julius Blum GmbH • Höchst/Austria • published  2010 • received highest possible grade: „Sehr Gut“ (Austrian grading system) equals „A“ • full thesis (language: German) available upon request

Download abstract: pdficon_small BSc_thesis_abstract (German)


  • „Skymarathon Rosengarten-Schlern: Glaube wiederhergestellt“, Trailrunning Szene, Vonbun S., 2018
  • „(Zer)knirschende Kilometer auf der schönen Insel“ (article for Austrian Trailrunning Magazine)

My impressions of the „Transvulcania Ultramarathon“ taking place on the island of La Palma (Spain), partly published in the print issue of „Trailrunning Szene – Das Offroad Laufsport Magazin aus Österreich“ Jul/Aug 2016, pages 22/23, fully published online (print version in German / full article in German).

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-20 um 11.56.42

  • „The Ignition Spark“ (article for Austrian Trailrunning Magazine)

A personal race report about the „Maddog desert marathon“ in Jordan, published in „Trailrunning Szene – Das Offroad Laufsport Magazin aus Österreich“ Nov/Dec issue 2015, pages 32/33 (originally published in German).